No quick fixes.
No crash diets.
No restrictions.

Reach your health and fitness goals with evidence-based support and advice from a registered dietitian and qualified fitness and nutrition coach.

You need sensible
and realistic support.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of health information out there, you’re not alone. Bad advice is everywhere, whether it’s from social media, TV, or every corner of the internet. How do you know what to believe and what’s another trend?

As a registered dietitian, I use the latest evidence-based nutrition and health science and translate this into practical and tailored advice so that you don’t have to spend hours filtering out the truth. In a world full of nutrition nonsense, I believe everyone deserves access to the right information when it comes to managing health and weight loss.

“It’s a new way of life, not a diet”

As a registered dietitian working within the NHS for four years, I have encountered hundreds of people who were confused and misled by the diet industry and managed to turn things around once they ditched the dieting approach.

With my support, achieving your weight, health and fitness goals sensibly and sustainably is possible!

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How I can help

Whether you want to lose weight and keep it off, your hormones are wreaking havoc and you’re looking for a women’s health coach, or you’re seeking general fitness and nutrition coaching, I’m here to help.

Weight Management

Manage your weight and change your eating habits for life.

I give you the tools you need so you can stop dieting and start living.

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Women's Health

Take back control of your life.

I help you understand the role of nutrition and lifestyle in managing symptoms of conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and more.

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General Health, Nutrition and Fitness

 Improve your overall well-being, or work on a specific health issue such as IBS or type 2 diabetes.

I will support you towards a healthier version of yourself.

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“It’s like a re-education on your eating habits”

Hi, I’m Emily

A dietitian, fitness instructor and health coach here to help you on your journey to your best and healthiest self.

I’m a qualified dietitian with four years of experience working in the NHS in specialist diabetes and weight management services. My additional training in fitness, behavioural change and coaching allows me to combine my passions for caring for people and helping them to achieve their goals holistically.

I support you with the long game. This means no quick fixes, crash diets or wasting your time. My approach is about helping you to reach your long-term health goals and stay there. Making sustainable changes so that you can look forward to a healthy and empowered future.

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What my clients say

There’s nothing I love more than empowering my clients to take ownership of their health.

Here’s what they say:

“Emily was incredibly approachable and respectful, making me feel seen and heard”

-Client being supported with weight management

“Emily’s explanation of nutritional concepts were clear and very informative”

– Client with IBS

“I felt heard and Emily was great at putting me at ease and listening to my concerns”

– Client with perimenopausal symptoms

“For the first time ever, I am not dreading my weight loss journey, I’m extra excited and motivated”

– Client with PCOS

“I greatly appreciated the comprehensive meal plans, complete with simple recipes. It was exactly the guidance I was seeking “

– Client with menopause

“It’s like a re-education on your eating habits”


– Client being supported with weight management

“I would definitely recommend Emily to other people looking for useful, evidence-based and pragmatic advice”

– Client with Type 2 Diabetes

“It’s a new way of life, not a diet. It’s realistic lifestyle changes instead of a gimmick or quick fix”

– Client being supported with weight management

“It’s been life changing. I’m no longer consumed by thoughts around food and I  have the tools to manage my weight for life”

– Client being supported with weight management

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